Video Takedown

Please understand that Hentai Hound is embedding videos from other sites, and that we cannot and do not manually review every video that is uploaded to the website ( and sites where we embed from. We do our best to quickly remove content that violates our Terms of Service or applicable law once that material is reported.

ABUSE: If you see video material that is illegal, wrong, innaproterate or offensive, please feel free to report the content by contacting us at [email protected] – Make sure you include the video link (URL) to the video in question.

COPYRIGHT: If you are the copy right owner of a video that has been embedded on our site, please contact the host site in question. Please use the Copyright form on the respective website to make copyright take-down request. Using our webform is the best way for us to act expeditiously on reports; failure to use the webform may delay processing of your request, and may also introduce errors into the process.

If you wish to report non copyright-related issues, such as trademark, privacy, harassment, unlawful or offensive material, please contact us at [email protected]