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Boobs in the City

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The game Boobs in the City sets itself up as a two-in-one game. You can play it on your PC as well as on your mobile device. A dating sim is integrated into the game, and a third-person shooter is also included. You have tons of nudity to unlock, and the artwork is great.

Getting to know your girls by training them can also unlock new relationships with them, including plenty of sex scenes. Teaming up with your teammates is the key to leading your team to win a water gun battle.

You can also expect a lot of time spent getting a gun for them to shoot. As this game is compatible with both mobile devices and your browser. You can play it either way. Playing with a mouse or with a finger is just a matter of preference. There are tons of nude poses to unlock, as well as great artwork. There are no censorships, so you can see everything. Sex scenes aren’t that common anymore, but if you want to enjoy them, you should register with an email.


The game’s objectives and gameplay

In this game, you only need your two thumbs, one for aiming and shooting and one for moving. Within minutes, we will know exactly what needs to be done for nearly 50 hours of gameplay, which is almost endless because of its many features. It is crucial to play the games in 3v3 multiplayer, as its rhythm is essential, making it perfect for fans of Hentai games.

Every game will reward you with gifts and money, with which you can unlock a variety of features. You can obtain new items from the store, new members, new outfits, training events, and so on. The goal of this fun video game is to get the MVP title, so make sure you eliminate your opponents.


  • Nine girls, with every girl having a unique story
  • For each girl, there are 6 stories, including two Hentai stories
  • Three different attack types for each girl, such as healing, attacking, and defending
  • The opportunity to wear over 50 outfits on 9 different girls
  • There are many reward options every day, whether you make a connection or complete a mission
  • Large community
  • Reached six million players worldwide


Girls shoot water in bikinis at one another in the in-game, after which they will get into bed. This is a game for adults. Learn about each member of the team, and the developer’s team will illustrate the visual novel beautifully.

In order to improve each girl’s condition, you must train her regularly, counting on every advantage. If you want the best to show up at the squirt gun battles, you must dedicate time to training each one.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It’s fun to play RPG hentai
  • Free to download
  • GTA-like FPS game


  • Their language is Japanese.
  • It might not be fun for men to play as girls